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About the Charity

Hounds For Heroes

Allen Parton of Hounds For Heroes

Hounds for Heroes was inspired by Allen Parton and his dog, Endal. Allen had a bright career in the navy, a beautiful wife and two young children. Everything changed for them all in an instant.

Allen, Navy veteran, was in a car crash in the Gulf that left him clinging to life. He had such severe injuries that he would spend the next five years in hospital. He had lost his memory; he had no idea who his wife and children were; he had to learn to talk, read and write again. He tried to take his life several times.

Endal, a clever young Labrador, saved his life and his marriage. This assistance dog somehow made a connection with this very broken man. Endal would fetch things that Allen couldn't reach and would understand the simple mime actions that Allen used to explain that he wanted, for example, his electric razor or gloves. But Allen wanted to speak to Endal and worked really hard on improving his communication - so much so that today Allen is the most articulate man you can imagine.

There's a whole book that tells this story properly, but, in a nutshell, Endal had been taught to problem solve: to make Allen's life easier, not just do what he was told. Without being asked, when Allen blacked out in the bath, Endal jumped in, pulled out the plug, and kept Allen's head out of the water until it drained.
And then there was that moment that made all the headlines: when Endal helped Allen use the cashpoint machine. Endal was named the Dog of the Millennium and at that photoshoot the world's media caught up with the story and seemingly Allen and Endal's every move was then captured by a film crew!

And if all that wasn't enough, Allen felt so enabled by the Endal effect that he decided to start Hounds for Heroes, a charity that could give the same experience to others now disabled after giving service to their country - be they troops or emergency service personnel.


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