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join Hounds For Heroes on Armed Forces Day

Respect our forces with Hounds For Heroes

Hounds for Heroes is pleased to announce a great family dog walk in Portsmouth on Saturday 29th June.

This is our way of commemorating Armed Forces Day and showing our thanks and respect to our brave men and women who put themselves in harms way to protect us.

Join us for a lovely 1 mile walk, bring your dog, your family and friends!

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Don't forget to take your certificate /score card to your event so your scores can be recorded and verified!

Finally let us know what you are up to!
If you are doing your own challenge or something different let us know; email! Tell us about your event!! We want to know what you are up to!! And send us your team and individual figures (there's no need to do it twice!) so we can put them on our results board!

Team Challenges

download: sponsorship form / exercise guide

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Don't go it alone, teamwork is dream work!

How to do the team challenge!

  1. TeamsChallenge at least one other team, (you can use our Challenge Invitation if you want!) challenge more if you have the room and facilities!

  2. Decide on the date and venue. You can run the measured distance on the road, park or track or use the treadmill to complete the run part. The other five parts can be done in the gym or outside in the pen air.

  3. Take your Certificate/Score sheets to the challenge and get the ‘umpire’ or someone from another team to record your scores on the Certificate/Score sheet.

  4. The combined total of the team points all of the team will be the team score. The team with the highest number of points is the winner. In the unlikely event of a ‘tie’ the team which was faster on the run (ie less seconds elapsed) will be the winner.

  5. Submit your team and individual scores to

Get opposing team members to ‘pair off’ and while one does the exercise the other counts the reps and does the timing. (it’s even better to get a separate person doing the timings). The opposing team member will check the exercises are being performed correctly and any exercise not completed to the standard set will not count. Decide who ‘goes first’ by flicking a coin.

Top tips!

Send us your ‘pre challenge’ and after ‘challenge photo’s’.

Set up team Just Giving and Virgin Giving accounts and share with your family, friends and colleagues on facebook, email and Twitter.

Download our sponsorship forms to raise money.

If you are holding an event or hosting a challenge let us know!



Doing something different?

Great! Let us know! We want to share your photographs and story with the world!


In the event of a tie between teams the team with the fewest seconds elapsed on the run will be the winner!

Please read these conditions before taking part in a Fit In Kit Challenge - click here

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