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Full Kit Challenge

download: sponsorship form / exercise guide / certificate

This is a challenge designed for folk who want to complete it in full kit! It may mean carrying kit bags, wearing helmets or hats and lugging tools or other equipment. Make sure all your colleagues are wearing the same amount of kit to keep it fair and make any necessary adjustments to the kit to allow the exercises to be performed without risk of injury!

To complete the challenge the following exercises in their alotted time need to be completed.


RunWalk or Run

1 mile walk/run followed

rest: max of 10 minutes




number of press-ups completed in 30 seconds

- Start with arms and legs fully extended then chest should be lowered to approx 4” from floor (use a helper’s clenched fist as a guide).

rest: max of 5 minutes


 Squat thrustsSquat thrusts

number of squat thrusts completed in 30 seconds

- Start from full extension; bring knees up towards chest, then extend. Each time the feet must leave the ground and clear a 30cm parallel gap (can be marked with chalk, tape, a cardboard template held in position or similar markers)

rest: max of 5 minutes


Sit upsSit ups

number of sit ups completed in 45 seconds

- Lie down with arms crossed and fingertips touching your shoulders. Curl up to touch elbows on top of knees

rest: max of 5 minutes


 Star jumps (from squat) Star jumps (from squat)

number of star jumps completed in 45 seconds

- From standing position squat down to touch floor then jump up extending legs to shoulder width apart and fully extend arms

rest: max of 5 minutes


Standing Military Press with dumb bellsStanding Military Press with dumb bells

number of repetitions in 1 minute using 2 x 4kg dumb bells

- Start from dumb bells held at chin level, lock arms upwards and return to chin level.

rest: max of 5 minutes


Teams are made up of 4 persons and can be all male or all female. Mixed teams must have at least one person of the opposite sex. Teams must specify which challenge they are completing and all team members must complete the same challenge.

Only complete repetitions count – when in full kit adjust clothing and equipment to safely perform the exercises - take water with exercise - perform the exercises properly – good luck!

In the event of a tie between teams the team with the fewest seconds elapsed on the run will be the winner!


What now?

Decide where and when and who you will do your Challenge with. Get your team together or join ours!

Download your certificate/score card... and familiarise yourself with the exercises. For further help with the exercises see our exercise guide

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Challenge others!
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