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Make sure your vet and doctor can confirm that you and your dog are fit and healthy and are fine to do the exercises suggested.

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Dog & Owner Suggestions

Get canny with cani!

Photo © Fraser ConnalVikki from SnowPaw shared some ideas for the latest ways to get involved in an adventurous dog sport or fitness activity.

If I were to pick one activity that everyone can do - both adult and children including wheelchair users – I would select canicross (also caniX and paracaniX).

Canicross is cross-country running with your dog attached to you by a waist belt; the dog runs out in front, hopefully giving you a helping hand. You can choose to run with one dog or multiple dogs, depending on how brave you are! You do not need special equipment, but we advise a dog harness to keep the dog comfortable. A bungee line can be used to protect both runner and dog from any sudden jolts and jerks.

Most breeds of dog can take part - it doesn’t matter about their size and strength. I know of people with Cocker Spaniels and Beagles who run, as well as setters, hounds, Malamutes and other large dogs.

Vet checks are advisable – as is avoiding hot weather!

Photo © Fraser Connal

Roller booting!

Photo © Debbie PetersDebbie Peters, owner of four dogs, enjoys canicross, running and roller booting with her dogs. Debbie has already done a sponsored ‘roller boot’ for charity and has the following advice.

I am lucky to be friends with my vet, so she advises me on distances and ability for each dog and makes sure they are fit and healthy. I bought special equipment so I could run and control my dogs better.

“My sponsored roller boot was 12 miles for charity along the coast; I did six miles with my Chihuahua crossbreed, and then my mum met me and swapped dogs and I did the last six with my Kooikerhondje.

I build the dogs’ fitness up the same as a human might, increasing distance slowly and running every other day"

Photo © Debbie Peters

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