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Make sure your vet and doctor can confirm that you and your dog are fit and healthy and are fine to do the exercises suggested.

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Dog & Owner: Top Dog Challenge

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Shuttle runs

Top Dog: Leave your dog 20 feet away


Leave your dog in a wait, run, walk or wheel yourself away, call him to you.

Repeat 10 times


Tips on teaching a ‘wait’:

Remember that your dog needs to learn that he waits until called. Start gradually by asking your dog to sit, stand or lie down, then reward him for remaining in that position. Use a secure, enclosed area to practise in or keep the dog on a lead.

Next, step away from your dog and do not allow him to move until you call
him. This is crucial, as your dog needs to understand that sometimes you will go back to him instead of calling him to you. It builds up an attentive and reliable stay.

Be consistent. If your dog moves without you calling, take him back and start again, making it a little easier this time. Before long you will have a very attentive, ‘waiting’ dog and a very fast recall too, as this game is a lot of fun!


Ball-chase race

Top Dog: 20 feet away from landmark


Pick a landmark (tree, rock) and stand a distance away from it depending on your level (see above).

Throw your dog’s toy away from the landmark so that he chases the ball.

Turn and run to the landmark, trying to get there before your dog does!

Repeat 10 times

This is great fun for recall training and gets you super-fit, too. Do make sure the dog does not get overexcited, and stop if there is any sign of nipping.


Top Dog: 26 miles in a month

This is a fantastic way to get that little bit more active and increase you and your dog’s walking fitness levels



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